Palm Oil Investigations

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Welcome to Palm Oil Investigations. We educate about the impacts of unregulated palm oil.  

We are not against palm oil, we are against deforestation for palm oil. 

We are a volunteer not for profit organisation.

Over 250 voluntary hours a week go into maintaining our Facebook page and working on all the projects behind the scenes : eg. phone app, research, website maintenance, working with companies to help them change sourcing and numerous other tasks which are necessary for organisation to be successful. 

You can help us by donating via paypal via the button above.

or direct deposit to Palm Oil Investigations Incorporated BSB  633000 Acc No 150761179 

Palm Oil Investigations has rapidly become the largest and most powerful consumer movement to tackle the palm oil crisis head on.   Any donation be it large or small is greatly appreciated. 


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Watch Green & educate yourself about the impacts of Palm Oil     The most informative short film ever made on this crisis.

Her name is Green, she is alone in a world that does not belong to her.  She is a female orangutan, victim of deforestation and resource exploitation.  This film is an emotional journey of Green's final days, it is a visual ride presenting the treasures of rainforest biodiversity and the devastating impacts of logging and land clearing for palm plantations. - Winner of 36 Film Awards - 

GREEN - A film by Patrick Rouxel

“Green” is about the rainforest of Indonesia. It is 48 min long, it is available for free download and copyright free for all non commercial screenings. The film has no narration, it is thus accessible to all nationalities. It was produced independently and free of all commercial or political attachment. Please don’t hesitate to screen the film wherever you feel appropriate.

Visit the Green Website.  Read the Q & A interview with film maker Patrick Rouxel to learn more about the making of Green.

Liquid Ivory aka palm oil is driving Sumatran Elephants to extinction.
Watch the video and learn why.